Garments both cover and reveal, and speak about who we are, what we believe, and what we wish to show the world.   Clothing is also an outward sign of status and wealth.

Elizabeth’s inspiration comes from many sources, but chiefly from shamanic practices from around the world.  Her works are an artistic exploration of sacred body coverings as they relate to ritual and tribal hierarchy.  

Laura’s approach to the body is on a personal level and tied to costume and the feminist notion of body image.   Her thoughts on spirituality derive mainly from the natural world around her.  

When Elizabeth and Laura started sharing their practices as fibre artists, they were struck with how the two viewpoints were so very different but each became stronger by being seen next to the other.   They started exploring this theme in their very successful show “Vivid Connections” at Gage Gallery in 2021.

re.DRESS will be an exhibition that refines these two viewpoints and brings them together.